Style of Mine

The adventures and struggles of a petite, geeky journalist-in-training living in New Zealand.

Essential Items

These might not be your wardrobe essentials, but they are mine.

  1. Sweater dresses with empire waists which cling to the right places–mine’s black and purple, with a ruffly/drapey bit down the front which cleverly disguises any signs of a tummy. It’s warm, it looks stylish, and it’s easy to put on. Best thing yet; it’s got sleeves, so I can wear it from autumn to spring.
  2. Opaque black tights, with feet–these make my legs look slender, even if they’re anything but.
  3. Scarves–I go for the large drapey ones like pashminas and shemagh scarves  made out of cotton, either in checks or solids. So far, I’ve got black, red, grey, black and white and purple and white. They’re a quick dash of style.
  4. High heeled boots–adds height and elegance.
  5. Hats–they keep you warm, and like the scarves, they are a quick dash of style. You can’t go wrong with red, black and cream hats.
  6. Dark good fitting trousers–these make me look older and more sophisticated; more ‘business-y’, if you like. They’re also warm and they go really well with the belted jacket.
  7. A good tailored jacket–I like them with belts and big buttons, like the ones in military uniforms. They look sharp and stylish. And they’re completely timeless. I mean, soldiers were wearing military style jackets in WWI. You still see military jackets in high end boutiques today.
  8. Black turtlenecks–they are perfect for layering under anything, from summer dresses to turn them into autumn dresses, to under jackets for winter. They’re a winter wardrobe basic, sort of like the white t-shirt in summer.
  9. Black camisoles–put them under those pretty tops and dresses which are cut too low for your comfort.
  10. Sweatpants–completely unfashionable, but very comfortable for wearing around at home or to bed when it’s too cold. No one’s going to see you in them.

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