Style of Mine

The adventures and struggles of a petite, geeky journalist-in-training living in New Zealand.

Shades of Nature


Wearing grey bamboo tunic, patterned tights, chocolate buckle boots, almond knit drape vest and long black bead earrings.

 I handed in one essay today. Got another one due in a week, and also a cross-cultural journalism workshop during the weekend. It’s gonna be so hectic…actually, it’s already hectic. I treated myself to a giant Starbucks coffee this afternoon. Americans sure know how to make a good coffee.

And I took a picture of this tree trunk because the colours and patterns were so interesting they coordinated really well. It would make a pretty awesome print, methinks. It almost looks like an abstract piece of art.


Tomorrow’s my day off! I gotta catch up on Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty. Oh, and work on my assignments.


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