Style of Mine

The adventures and struggles of a petite, geeky journalist-in-training living in New Zealand.





Wearing denim cut off shorts, sheer black tights, men-style shirt, grey ankle boots, brown cloth belt, abalone shell ‘sun’ earrings and chunky wooden geometric bracelet.

I couldn’t be bothered being more creative today, as I was busy fretting over an essay for which I’d used YouTube as a source. I’ve finished the essay, of course, and now I’m finally allowed to crack open the latest issue of Australian Vogue, which I’d bought a while ago, but wouldn’t let myself read because I still had so much work that needed doing.

I’ve had that shirt since I was…nine, I think. Originally, my mum had bought it for me as a school blouse and it had hung in my wardrobe untouched for God knows how many years. It was a shame to waste it because the material was so good, so I –or rather, Mum– swapped the ugly plain buttons for the buttons of my dad’s wedding shirt. You can’t see them very clearly here, but each button is set with a rhinestone.

Autumn is coming…



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