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It’s the holidays and I’m slacking off with dressing, opting for quick, easy and comfortable. I thought I’d do some posts about what inspires my fashion choices, when I’m in the mood to play with clothes.

I am a film fiend. I love the movies. I love Hollywood blockbusters, most of the time (the quality has been deteriorating of late, but I live in hope.) In fact, films have had more influence in my life than most other things. I chose my major (history) based on my favourite film. Therefore, here are the five most significant films that have influenced my fashion choices.

Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley)

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

I loved their long flowing dresses and in particular, the simplicity of the Bennet girls’ day wear.

Sibylla of Jerusalem (Eva Green)

Kingdom of Heaven (2005) Directed by Ridley Scott

Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

Colourful silks, intricate embroidery, thousands of jewels, a delicate balance of east and west; who wouldn’t want to wear this princess’ clothes? Her taste in illicit lovers is also impeccable.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

"Swash swash buckle buckle!"

Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy

From Captain Jack’s hair ornaments to Elizabeth’s many costumes, in particular her costume as Pirate King, and Jack the Monkey’s vest, these films always have some quirky elements that inspire me from day to day. I love Jack Sparrow’s two belts during the second and third films, and in the third one, Elizabeth’s predominantly jade green costume during that scene when she was Sao Feng’s captive was breath taking.



Lady Sarah Ashley’s costumes were clean cut, well-tailored, and just uber-classy. Partner that with a super-hot and buff Hugh Jackman, and it’s an eye-candy fest.

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings trilogy

The trilogy that jump-started my love for film. It has the most amazing costumes, from Boromir’s fur trimmed cape to the Fellowship’s camourflage elven cloaks and their beautiful brooches. I love the earthy colours that the elves wear. Aragorn might be in need of a bath most of the time, but his choice of accessories cannot be criticized (and I don’t mean his elven friend). The Ring of Barahir is incredible, and so is the One Ring when the Tengwar is glowing. And I really covet Eowyn’s dress in her first scene in The Two Towers.


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