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Stylish? More like style-less.

No pictures today; this is going to sound more like a journal entry than anything. I have a love/hate relationship with holidays. I love lazing around and doing nothing except frequent facebook, peruse blogs, roleplay, and read fanfiction, but at the same time, I don’t like not having the urge to dress up, since all I will be doing is lounging around, and if I did get dressed up, all I would be doing is getting wrinkles in my clothes. For the past two and a half weeks, I’ve pretty much been walking around the house in sweats/badly hemmed comfy jeans, a turtle-neck t-shirt and the thickest sweater I could find (looks extremely 70s/80s and barely reaches my belly button; not pretty).

So, as the mid-semester break draws to a close, I find that I’m actually looking forward to class, and to swapping ugg-style slippers (that I’ve had for years before uggs became popular) for sleeker heeled boots.


One response to “Stylish? More like style-less.

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