Style of Mine

The adventures and struggles of a petite, geeky journalist-in-training living in New Zealand.


Wearing woollen cap, purple vest, black tunic, black leggings and flat boots with grey woollen jacket.

I played dictator today and terrorized my students with grammar worksheets. I now see why teachers get so annoyed when pupils forget notebooks and pencils. I get very annoyed when that happens; unfortunately, it seems to happen a lot. Wearing absolutely no make up today –thus the cap to hide the shadows under my eyes– because a) I was running late and b) I wanted to nap on a bean bag in the public library and not wake up with panda eyes.

So, I’ve had people telling me that my style is ‘dated’ or too serious, conservative, matronly, that it ages me twenty or thirty years or…whatever. I’d like to say that while I respect their opinions, I’m not going to change my style just because someone tells me something. The way I dress reflects who I am and how I feel. Sometimes, I feel older, or I aspire to be more professional. Sometimes, I feel weird and eccentric. Sometimes, I want to show my love for history. At other times, I want to channel my characters or my stories. My outfits are a way of merging that feisty funky inner self with my oute mask. I feel comfortable in these outfits. I feel like my true self.

If I had to follow trends and wear…say…floral prints that look like they’ve been designed whilst the designer was on acid, or swap my stilettos for seventies-style platforms, or wear a dress that reached mid-thigh and wouldn’t cover my arse if I tried to bend over, I wouldn’t feel comfortable. I wouldn’t be me. Fashion is all about having fun with what you wear and feeling comfortable. That is my definition of fashion.

So, to all who give me tips on how I ought to change my style, thank you, but I’m comfortable with it right now. I’m comfortable with what I am and who I am. And that, I think, is the most important thing.


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