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The adventures and struggles of a petite, geeky journalist-in-training living in New Zealand.

A Fashionable Controversy


Wearing scarf, cashmere blend coat, skinny jeans, drape top and buckle boots.

All people have the right to wear what they want. Fashion equates to freedom of expression. Therefore, in light of recent discussions about the banning of Islamic headscarfs, I am wearing a headscarf today in order to show my support for my Muslim sisters –and all other women– who wish to wear what they consider to be appropriate. I have said once before that this is not meant to be a political blog, but sometimes, creative expression and politics go hand in hand. I am against the banning of any item of clothing simply because they are worn by a minority whose culture is, perhaps, not welcomed by the majority. They have the freedom to wear what they wish, just like everyone else. If Muslim women wish to wear hijab, then it is their choice. It would be wrong to take that freedom away from them. (However, if it is not their wish to wear hijab, then it would be wrong of anyone to force them to wear it.)

At any rate, a headscarf is not purely Islamic. I’m sure I’ve seen pictures of silver screen sirens like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly wearing headscarves. Therefore, not only is it discriminating to ban it, it’s also ridiculous. I myself am not Muslim, but personally, I like the way headscarves look. Besides, it is convenient way to keep both head and neck warm.


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