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The adventures and struggles of a petite, geeky journalist-in-training living in New Zealand.

Choir girl

In retrospect, I realize I should probably have worn skinny jeans instead of straight cut, but I was thinking of comfort when I got dressed this morning and looser jeans are infinitely more comfortable to walk in; I walked a lot today, namely because my mother cannot find the parmesan cheese at the supermarket, so I had to go and get it.

I had church choir practise this morning. It’s quite sad, really, because the choir members are not getting any younger and I know they want to sing, but they simply don’t have the strength to make sure that their voices carry. I wish we’d sing more hymns in Latin too, instead of in English. For some reason, the Latin hymns are always so much prettier and more epic. And Latin is the language of the Catholic Church, so it’s only fitting.

I find it odd that in Catholic education in New Zealand, we use Maori words for religious terminology instead of Latin. I have nothing against learning Maori, but religion is hard enough without including words that bear no resemblance to English. And to be brutally honest, I find Latin much more useful than Maori. Latin is the root of most European languages, if not all, including English, and Latin is also the language of Biology. In my opinion, they really should go back to teaching Latin instead and if there needs to be Maori taught in schools, teach it separately as a language class, not as part of religious education.


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