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A matter close to my heart

This isn’t remotely related to fashion, but it’s very important to me as a woman. I saw a video on YouTube that reminded me of the issue of comfort women two days ago. For those of you who don’t know what comfort women are, they are women that the Japanese soldiers forced to become their sex slaves during the Second World War. In essence, they were imprisoned in camps and raped repeatedly, day after day. You can read my thoughts about comfort women and the long overdue –and non-existent– apology from the Japanese government here.

This is the video that jumpstarted all of this.

Of course, being who I am, I have to leave a comment under my username TelcontarRulz. And this is the resulting conversation.


I’m beyond disgusted by this other person’s attitude. As if the fact that other people do it makes it okay for them to force women to become sex slaves. As if the fact that they are soldiers mean that they can be honoured regardless of the atrocities they have committed!


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