Style of Mine

The adventures and struggles of a petite, geeky journalist-in-training living in New Zealand.

Tramp de Nîmes





Wearing Pumpkin Patch denim shirt, Zara blazer, cross from medieval camp, Jeans West super skinny pants, Bess hat, boots from Geox in Hong Kong and Esprit bag.

Here’s the denim shirt again. I think I look a bit like a homeless person in this getup, what with the suede patches on the blazer’s elbows. I was too tired today to even wear heels (le gasp!). It’s been difficult adjusting to a diurnal schedule, since I’m naturally nocturnal, and I’ve been functioning on three to five hours sleep each night for the past three days.

I’m considering doing a story on the bus system in our city. Today, I waited for almost an hour for my bus, and I saw two buses with the same number pass by in the space of two minutes. Those time-things that estimate how long it will take until the bus arrives are not working, and the timetable is no use because the schedule has gone completely haywire. I was talking to people, and a lady said that she was told not to drive to relieve pressure on the traffic. She said that she’s going to take the car next time because everyone else seem to be taking their cars.


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