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Peacock Feathers





Wearing sweater vest from Zara, vintage skirt, old long-sleeved top, ASOS wedges and scarf from Hong Kong.

I’m really liking the nude lipstick look. That, and red lipstick. The skirt used to be my mother’s, and when she wore it, it hit a respectable place just above her knee. For me, it’s a mini-skirt. I am ecstatic I fit it at all, actually; half a year a go, I couldn’t fit it, but I lost some weight around my tummy.

I don’t have a lot of rules when it comes to eating, but I try my best not to eat processed foods. Instead of potato chips or cookies, I’ll eat lightly salted mixed nuts for snacks. Instead of instant coffee, I’m brewing my own and making flat whites out of trim milk (got a coffee maker just for that). Instead of…say, soft drink, I go for tea. I try to eat all the essential food groups each day (green leafy vegetables, fruit, carbohydrates, proteins and, if possible, monosaturated fats in the form of avocados or nuts) and I never eat until I’m so full that I feel sick. I also do fifteen minutes of exercise per day, mostly in the form of dancing–which involves cardio and balance. It’s actually not a lot of effort, and I allow mysel to eat junk food in an acceptable amount. I hardly ever eat it these days anyway; I wouldn’t touch Cadbury’s because I’ve spoiled myself on Belgian chocolates and since those are so expensive, I don’t eat too many of them either.


Gingerbread Lady

I got the baking bug, and I found a delicious gingerbread recipe. It doesn’t break my teeth!

This is actually the second batch of cookies I’ve made. The first batch were overcooked, slightly burned, and not very soft.


Wearing black cowl-neck tunic, leggings, vintage waistcoat and faux leather biker jacket.

It’s the holidays –I’ve got three weeks off– so it’s time for lounging around every day and not doing my make up. Which is why you can see zits and whatnot in the pictures, and I look like a vampire in the first one. A sleepy stoned vampire. I went to the movies with my brother today. Had to teach him how to catch the bus. It turned out he knew very little about how to pay for his busfare. *Facepalm* We went to see Clash of the Titans. Interesting fight scenes; I thought that the monsters seemed to be based on prehistoric beasts, namely the giant sea scorpions and Dunkleosteus. I love dead prehistoric things. Yes, I am a geek. I got an iced white chocolate for a drink. Am so going to need to do a bit of exercise to make up for the whipped cream topping.

Gourmet Chef…Not.

I tried to bake a cake with instant cake mix today. I think I might have added one quarter of a cup too much water, but it turned out all right.

Before icing.

The icing.

Icing overflow.

I am well aware that it looks like something the cat coughed up, but it actually tastes okay! Honest! Well, it’s instant cake mix, so it really can’t taste that bad…

I hope everyone had a good Easter/Passover, if you celebrate it.

Lunch on Cold Rainy Day

Chilli con carne baked potato with sour cream and lots of melted cheese. Mmmmmmmm…

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday breakfast: Mocha hot cross bun and hot chocolate
Weekends are not fashionable days. I just want to laze around and read fashion blogs–and then I’ll realize that I should probably catch up on my work or something like that. Great weather today, though. I might go out and test my new camera phone.