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Craziness of Life

I haven’t been documenting my outfits lately. Mainly because the first thing I think when I get up is ‘God, I’m tired!’, and then I try and find something comfortable to wear, which results in…well, you can’t call them crimes of fashion, but I think I’ve been looking staid.

I suppose inspiration just isn’t coming. I don’t like the hiatus of TV shows. I mean, I need some mindless entertainment that I don’t need to think about, and whenever I flip open my favourite mags these days, I look at the feature articles and think that there is no way I can write this well. It may well be a phase of low self-esteem that I’ll get over soon enough. Only time can tell. It’s just that I feel so far away from being a professional, and I’ve also gotten really sick of getting vague answers from politicians and official sources, or worse, incorrect ones from the media people of said official sources. Other sources won’t even give me emails to say that no, they can’t talk to me.

The only thing I really do anymore is make sure that I have a near perfect manicure. Painting my nails calm me down. I’ve recently gotten into neutrals. This one is ‘Tickle My France-y’ by OPI.







When the temperatures vary from twelve degrees celsius to twenty seven, all you can really do is layer. I got this denim shirt from the boys’ section of a children’s clothing store. One of the good things about being five two on a good day is that you can get some great deals from the kids’ departments, where things are cheaper but of an equally good quality. This shirt was only twenty dollars; that’s cheaper than the one I got from a nameless store in Hong Kong. My brother has the exact same shirt. We were actually shopping  for him, but I just had to get one for myself too.

I found out today that my face is really not made for curls. They were giving a free demonstration at the mall, and I just looked really weird and overwhelmed with curls, like a under-confident teenaged girl who’s spent two hours doing her hair and is anxious that it doesn’t look good. Granted, I’ve done that before, but I’m past that stage of my life. A confident woman is a sexy woman.

Wearing shirt from Pumpkin Patch, old faded black t-shirt, leather blazer and jeans from Just Jeans, shoes from ASOS, hat from shop in Hong Kong and ‘Over the Taupe’ nail polish by OPI. 

I just got this shade from OPI today. The bottle’s slightly more expensive than my usual polishes, but the quality is well worth the price.

First Ever Makeup Post


These are the products I’m using right now in terms of make-up (skincare is another matter entirely, but that should be another post in itself).

  • Maybelline Super Stay liquid foundation (Left)
  • L’Oréal ‘Made For Me Naturals’ lipstick in nude (Centre back)
  • Maybelline nude lip-liner pencil (Centre front)
  • Revlon ‘Beyond Natural’ smoothing primer (Right)

I used to use eyeliner and eyeshadow as well, but right now, I just can’t be bothered, and eye-makeup makes me tired. These days, I don’t even put on powder foundation after I apply the liquid one. I would never ever use foundation without putting on primer first. Primer stops foundation from clogging your pores, and it makes the foundation so much smoother. What I really don’t like is too much foundation; it makes the face look like a clay mask. With makeup, less is more.

Lip-liner is optional, but I’ve found that lipstick looks much better if you use it. I colour my entire lip with the lip-liner pencil. It actually is for lining the lip to prime it for the lipstick, not just for outlining the lip. Make sense?

So there are my make-up tips: Wear what makes you feel comfortable, keep it as minimal as possible, and always use primer to protect your skin.