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What’s This?

I’ve moved to The Style Tangent. That’s where I’ll be blogging now. It’s a combination of this blog and my ‘issues’ blog, Surreality. I felt it was time for me to merge those two aspects of my personality. Thanks for reading this blog, and I hope you will enjoy the new one. Most old posts have been copied over there. I’m still working on some others.


Sorry I have been such an awful blogger. (Does it make it worse that I dare to show my face here without photos? I guess that’s not ‘showing my face’ though.) I have been rather too busy to take pictures or dress up. I’ve been wearing knits and my favourite skinny black pants which aren’t so skinny any more because I’ve lost weight so it’s loose around the waist. What with journalism school and my writing projects, I’ve been too stressed to retain fat, and I never let myself stress eat. Well, I do, some of the time, but I try my best not to.

I’ve also recently gotten into meditation and relaxation techniques. Is it weird that I love guided meditation videos on YouTube? Anyway, they help me sleep and I highly recommend trying out some of those videos if you suffer from insomnia. I like to download them using a converter and put them on my mp3 player. Yes, I’m old school. No iPods for me.

Anyway, everyone, I’ll try to come up with a nice outfit to photograph tomorrow. No guarantees, since I haven’t even bothered with concealer this morning, and I’m hiding in large grey knits, but I will try. Right now, I think I need to sleep. Judging by my rambling, my brain’s not functioning so well anymore.

A matter close to my heart

This isn’t remotely related to fashion, but it’s very important to me as a woman. I saw a video on YouTube that reminded me of the issue of comfort women two days ago. For those of you who don’t know what comfort women are, they are women that the Japanese soldiers forced to become their sex slaves during the Second World War. In essence, they were imprisoned in camps and raped repeatedly, day after day. You can read my thoughts about comfort women and the long overdue –and non-existent– apology from the Japanese government here.

This is the video that jumpstarted all of this.

Of course, being who I am, I have to leave a comment under my username TelcontarRulz. And this is the resulting conversation.


I’m beyond disgusted by this other person’s attitude. As if the fact that other people do it makes it okay for them to force women to become sex slaves. As if the fact that they are soldiers mean that they can be honoured regardless of the atrocities they have committed!

Journalists and Bloggers; should there even be any conflict?

Bloggers: A cultural phenomenon or an epidemic issue?

I read this (above) interesting article whilst browsing through fashion blogs, and although I’m kind of late to the party, I think it’s something worth thinking about, as someone who’s studied the media and who is training to become a professional journalist hoping to write about fashion someday.

Personally, I don’t think magazine editors have anything to worry about from bloggers. Anyone and their dog can start a blog these days, and the possibility of actually reaching your target audience is kinda low, with so many billions of websites out there. There are a list of fashion blogs I follow, but I still love fashion magazines and their editorials, which are much better written than most blog posts. In fact, I pretty much prowl around bookstores every month until I get the most current issues of every publication I follow. I love the way they smell, the fact that they’re not just about fashion, but also about wider issues that are of concern to women. Sure, fashion is the key focus, but it’s not the only thing within these magazines. There are loads of really well-researched, well thought out feature articles, and to suspect that fashion blogs can ever threaten these is almost an insult to the journalists who work on fashion magazines. Bloggers (mostly) do what they do for fun. They don’t really take the effort to interview, research and organize the information in a way that is informative and entertaining at the same time. Me, I write mostly for entertainment value, at least on this blog. On my other blog, I’ll present my opinion on things, but I have never done as much research as a professional journalist would on a three hundred word article on whatever it is that they’re writing about. Journalists don’t just hop on the internet, read a few articles and then regurgitate what they’ve read.

I read blogs because I enjoy looking at the pictures of natty dressers, mostly. Some people’s style appeal to me, and I like to see how they put together outfits. Bloggers’ outfit posts are usually more relatable than magazine photoshoots but magazines are informative escapism.

So there’s my two cents. Personally,  I don’t even think there should be any conflict between professional fashion journalists and bloggers. They don’t even work in the same medium, really. With blogging, it’s really about making sure that your blog is on the first couple of pages of search results and that there are links to it everywhere. It’s about posting as frequently as  possible so that it’s constantly near the top. Magazines come out regularly so people know when to expect them, and it’s not about how many pages the mag’s got, but how much substance it has within those pages. From a personal viewpoint, I hardly read anything that bloggers write, preferring to look at their pictures, but I read just about every word in those magazines.

Just popping in to say that I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth

I know there’s been a complete lack of posts in the past couple of weeks. I simply haven’t been particularly inspired, and a new fandom snagged me and drew me into the deep end. So now, I spend most of my time lounging around in sweats and writing fanfiction involving Wolverine meeting vampires from the HBO show True Blood. There isn’t a lot of fashion inspiration to be found in that, but the vamps are sexy. I will be back with more of my fashion musings…once I get my act together.

Recycled Fashion

Saw these in the mall the other day:
Recycled fashion
Recycled fashion
Recycled fashion
Recycled fashion

Sack cloth jacket and dress: By Aroha McKerrow for 2008 Fairtrade Fashion Parade.

Ladybird Dress: By Shonaugh Frew, with feathers, paper mache and cane.

Rag Gown: Susan Kumarie for 2008 Fairtraide Fashion Parade.

Comfort is Key


By now, you’ve probably all realized that I kind of slack off during Fridays. It was a particularly miserable Friday today. I had three hours of sleep the night before, a full day ahead of me, and I had to do more walking than usual. Therefore, I wasn’t really thinking of style as much as comfort. Thus the old boots, which are my most comfortable walking shoes. I later got mud all over them.

Why the walking? I had to go and hand in my CV at a chocolatier. I figured I’d have a better chance if my CV came with a person instead of an email. It shows genuine interest in the job. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that it works. Then I went shopping. I wandered all over the mall looking for a pair of perfect flat ankle boots at a reasonable price. There was one pair…but they didn’t have my size. It sucks having the smallest sized feet because they just don’t buy so many pairs in that size. So I gave up on boot shopping and went blouse shopping. It’s nearing winter, so now is the best time to scoop up nice bargains on leftover summer stock. As long as you buy things that are relatively basic, classic, and timeless, no one will know that you’re wearing last year’s stuff. Frankly, I don’t care if they do. I feel good in it, and that’s all that matters.

That coat is not couture. It’s not even a very well fitting coat. However, it’s comfortable, kind of like wearing a dressing gown, except I look more put together than I would if I had stepped out in my dressing gown. I wore it almost everyday for six months during my first year in university. That seems so long ago. And no, I didn’t buy it. Someone didn’t want it anymore and gave it to my mom. I took it off her and I haven’t given it back.

Wearing bamboo tunic, cloth belt, leggings, flat boots, vintage coat.

You don’t wanna mess with me.

Hey, everyone! Meet my inner Mary Sue. If I were a Mary Sue, this is the type of thing I would wear. Of course, my Mary Sue doesn’t have glasses, bad skin, a weak chin, and she doesn’t spill curry on her black pants when eating Indian food. She’d also be taller.

Wearing jeans, leather blazer, pleather boots and a lacy black tank top.

I don’t have piercings in the cartilage of my ears; I’m wearing cling-on earrings which my mom’s friend gave to me. These boots have been worn to death. In fact, I’m pretty sure they started dying last winter.

Stylish? More like style-less.

No pictures today; this is going to sound more like a journal entry than anything. I have a love/hate relationship with holidays. I love lazing around and doing nothing except frequent facebook, peruse blogs, roleplay, and read fanfiction, but at the same time, I don’t like not having the urge to dress up, since all I will be doing is lounging around, and if I did get dressed up, all I would be doing is getting wrinkles in my clothes. For the past two and a half weeks, I’ve pretty much been walking around the house in sweats/badly hemmed comfy jeans, a turtle-neck t-shirt and the thickest sweater I could find (looks extremely 70s/80s and barely reaches my belly button; not pretty).

So, as the mid-semester break draws to a close, I find that I’m actually looking forward to class, and to swapping ugg-style slippers (that I’ve had for years before uggs became popular) for sleeker heeled boots.