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Classical Harmony




Wearing ASOS pants, ASOS shoes, Portmans top, vintage men’s blazer, DKNY watch, tasselled necklace from Hong Kong and Equip bag.

This is my ‘stuff-everything-in-it’ bag. I abuse it a lot and got it mainly for its size. I’ve had it for a while now.

I couldn’t figure out what to wear today, so I went straight to some really basic items. I love the way these pants give the illusion of really long legs and make me look tall. I love that these classic trouser shapes are all coming back. High waisted things look great on short girls like me. I searched for pants of this cut for ages, but I couldn’t find any at shops, not even in Hong Kong, which is supposedly shopping haven and one of the fashion capitals of the world. When I asked, they said a) high waisted things don’t look good (not true, as can be seen here) and b) they’re not healthy because they cut off circulation (these are the most comfortable pants I own, barring sweatpants, and my low-waisted jeans are more prone to cutting off circulation to my legs). I finally found them on the internet, and the fit is absolutely perfect.

Is it sad that I stalk bookshops every month for fashion magazines? It’s the middle of March and I’m still after the February issue of Elle UK, which is one of my favourite publications. Keira Knightley’s on the cover and I just love her.

At class today, we had to interview one another and write a news story based on the interview, so I’d better get started on mine.